Thursday, January 03, 2008

Writing Worth Reading

Take One at a new Drank Coffee feature! Introducing "Writing Worth Reading" (WWR, not to be confused with its cousin abbreviation, DDR)

I'll try to share pieces from across the internets that I think are worth your time. I already subject my friends via e-mail anyway.

* 3 Girls for the Price of One (if You Could Get a Ticket) (NYT, 12/31/07)
Kelefa Sanneh is giving A. O. Scott some serious competition as my Favorite Reviewer Ever. (See the piece that cemented Sr. Scott's pedestal here. Background context: Dan Brown is the devil.) Sanneh's Miley Cyrus concert review is a great piece of writing, down to the final line. Especially the final line.

* "I now had a secret friend nestled by my leg, giving me strength and encouragement."
Emily Yoffe, Slate's Human Guinea Pig, tries life as a drag king. ("Man Made," 12/19/07)

* "The Walker and the Walk" by Nicole Krauss (NYT, 8/19/07) says what I feel better than I ever have. The city nestles its terrain into my network of associations so that a walk is more mental than physical activity.

* Major throwback, but one of my favorites: In 2006, the Hartford Courant's Elizabeth Hamilton wrote about being raped as a child. ("The Mourning After," 3/19/06)

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