Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Evidence that I may still be under ten (years old, that is)

- This byline made me giggle. Also, there's an editor at the Hartford Courant named Jim Doody. They're vying in my head for best scatological name ever. The first guy is his own sentence.

- There's a plastic monkey figurine living in my purse. It's there because I passed some vending globes on the street on Amsterdam Ave., one was full of tiny monkeys, and I thought, "How could I NOT spend a quarter on a monkey?!" (Can anyone argue with that logic?) Its name is Curious George, because my favorite three year old decided so.

- I've spent tangible blocks of time resenting the fact that cookies are a sometimes food.

- A friend and I made sometimes-food sugar cookies the other night, using our nimble fingers and some chocolate chips and red hots to replace a lack of cookie cutters. She made reasonable-enough facsimiles of Low Library and peace signs. I made a snow man whose red hot scarf looked like a series of bloody torso wounds. And a "chocolate chip cookie."

- I still get excited about the prospect of spending long afternoons playing with kids -- though mostly ones who tend toward mischievous.

- I <3 lolcats that say this:

The Web site's caption says the second photo is originally from The Economist. Life is good.

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