Wednesday, January 30, 2008

One day...

When Kyle Burkhalter gets up in the morning, he goes into the kitchen and fixes himself a nice cup of ice.

The 24-year-old director of research for a Web site chews the ice in the car on his way to work in Atlanta. He downs two or three more cups before lunch. He orders ice from drive-thru windows and dips into the office ice machine. Sometimes, his tongue gets so numb he can barely talk to clients.

Still, he munches on. "It's something that you want to do and you think about doing on a constant basis," he says.

(WSJ, 1/30/08)

I have a new-found obsession with the beautiful, quirky, intelligent writing in the Wall Street Journal. Rupert, when the hell will you make it accessible to everybody?

**Bonus: . It's called "The Triumph of Bullshit." Definitely one of the greatest creations the internets have wrought. (Via Gawker)**

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