Saturday, March 01, 2008

if i can make it there...

Reasons to stay in NYC forever and ever
-I <3 NY
-my girls (and their parents)
-commuting is exercise
-fairway, madison square park, riverside park, cupcakes, hungarian pastry shoppe, eli's cookie window diorama, 57th street bus late at night, feeling alive, everywhere, at all hours
-absurd, delightful, ostentatious excess
-I like wearing black
-high culture and its aesthetic idea(l)s = nyc
-quirky and creative are routine
-having "sex and the city" moments because you live, love, and work here, not because you're trying

Reasons I may need to leave for awhile
-'I'm God's gift to man" syndrome
-settling, because it's new york
-I can't really actually afford to live here
-I'm still friends with my friends that moved away, and still would be if I left, too
-meaningful, consistent, paid work
-it's loud, dirty, and overwhelming
-everyone is prettier, smarter, thinner, and can walk faster in higher heels than I
-forgetting how much of the world lives entire lives beyond the boroughs
-"adventure into the unknown" can mean more than taking an unfamiliar path through central park

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