Thursday, February 28, 2008

Willing to be Lucky

Yesterday, a New York-D.C. joust transpired on the internets thanks to a City Room blog post by Jenny 8. Lee bashing the Metro for its derogatory allusion to the rats that thrive in the Subway. (I've always wondered if the rats scurrying on the subway tracks are deaf; the wheels screech as they slow, and it can be excruciating on the platform. It must be worse alongside the wheels.) The comments on Lee's post are New York-centric, but commenters link to sites where the other side has its say.

Consensus: New York, by a landslide. Our food, culture, aesthetics, magazines, quirkiness, grit and ability to conduct life with one hand holding a coffee cup in the other have unquestionable superiority. Even their retorts are square. My favorite exchange on a D.C.-centric blog:

Comment A: I came down here for a job, and between the khaki-ness of DC, the shitty metro system (I get to pay $5 to commute to NoVa! Yipee!) and the craptacular night life (no, three bars do not a good scene make) I can't wait to go back home.
Comment B: Three bars? Have you HEARD of Adams Morgan, U Street, or Chinatown? To name just a few areas of this city that have more than 3 BLOCKS dedicated to bars/night life.

Three blocks? You schooled me.

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