Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Can't resist any longer

I keep intending to explore my thoughts on that "weird human sport," Britney Spears, and I compiled links to pepper my addition to the analytic chorus. But the need to procrastinate forces my hand; here are (relatively) recent, quirky online takes on an unfolding tragedy.

-Britney makes other people rich (Portfolio)
-Here's her January schedule (Gawker)
-"No one inspires Explainer readers quite like Britney Spears" (Slate)
-Maybe she'd be saner if she went vegan (PETA)
-Writer writes about how Britney's ill so we shouldn't write about her (LA Times)

Special Bonus Jamie Lynne Section! (Pregnant, 16, looks just like her older sister)

-"Miley Cyrus is proud of how Jamie Lynn Spears is handling her controversial teen pregnancy" (US Weekly)
-The Onion weighs in (Onion)

Did I miss anything good?

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