Tuesday, October 19, 2010

random quick hits list

Credit: zz77 via Flickr
Things I love about India:

Rajasthan mustaches
Bollywood films' irrational choreographed dance numbers

Fresh idly, masala chai, fruit juice and almond halva

Udaipur's rooftop lake views

Heritage hotels

Eyeliner on babies

The motley crush of camels, cows, mopeds, auto rickshaws, cars and trucks in the streets

Sikkim's lush greenery

Things I could do without:

Cow poop land mines

Lack of road rules and roads full of potholes

Sharing of bed sheets and towels

Constantly feeling like folks are trying to swindle me


  1. You know that if I show Jake that photo, he's going to grow one of those moustaches.


  2. Google image search "Rajasthan mustaches." He has lots of attractive style options!

  3. Addendum: love how body care products are made from nature instead of chemicals.