Thursday, October 21, 2010

melange 2010

We and our hosts went to a concert at Bangalore's Chowdiah Hall last night, a concert venue shaped like a violin! It was a concert in its second year called Melange 2010, an east-west fusion with six performers from all over the globe. There was a sitar, drums, electric bass, guitar, violin and keyboard. The percussionist was a well-known Indian musician who, when soloing, put Dick van Dyke to shame.

The concert was amazing; musicians from very different traditions completely in sync and enjoying the challenge of creating a musical stew that sounded like classical Indian and American jazz simultaneously. The jazz guitarist played a Gershwin tune; the drummer played a raga. The violinist played a haunting piece that involved singing and playing. The sitar and guitarists had some dueling banjo moments.

I love cities.

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