Sunday, July 06, 2008

good work, good ice cream

This blurb excerpt by a colleague, in a collection reviewing all the ice cream in the area, is a delight:


629 Montauk Ave., New London

Price (including tax): $3.71

The scoop: It was Connecticut homeboy Wallace Stevens who wrote, “The Emperor of Ice-Cream,” assuring us that the only emperor is the emperor of ice cream. Of course, that was a poem about death - but my poem “The Arch-Duke of the Morgue” is a poem about ice cream, so I guess we're even. I think about this whenever I'm at Michael's original Dairy, munching my dip of Monster Mash. It's a dangerously great combo: vanilla ice-cream hosting a Battle Royale involving M&Ms, caramel swirls, malted milk balls and fudge, and the Michael's servers usually craft a softball-size hunk of ice-cream balanced tenderly atop the sugar cone.


(I slipped a cheesy Macbeth reference into my own dumb weekend story running today, so all is well with the world.)

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