Wednesday, July 09, 2008

common sense? nah.

I have to get my car's oil changed - a first. So I called up Simon, who is a good friend's uncle. He owns a shop in New London. The poor man made the error of answering the phone.

me: I need stuff done to my car
Simon: You need it serviced?
me: Yes, I think so.
S: What kind of car do you have?
me: Camry
S: What year is it?
me: Sometime after 2000, maybe? 2002? 2004?
S: How many miles?
me: 6...66... I don't know. Should I run out and check?
S: No no. How do you know you need it serviced?
me: The sticker on the windshield said so.
S: Oh, so you need an oil change.
me: Yes, I guess that's it. By the way, are you Simon?
S: Yes.
me: I'm E's friend.
S: Oh yes! Hi. I was warned multiple times that you'd be calling.

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