Sunday, June 29, 2008

blogging danger zone

I could've strangled one of my editors last night - the only one I really don't like. It was Saturday evening near the end of my shift and I was grumpy, so when he walked over to tell me about a few insignificant edits, drawing his language out to make inane things sound important, I answered as tersely as possible get on with it.

"Is something amiss tonight?" he asked me.

"It's Saturday night, and there are a few places I would rather be right now," I said.

"Then why did you take this job?" was his reply.

I stared at him until he walked away, and an empathetic co-worker let me spew profanity for a couple minutes. Also, she said he resembles the Geico caveman. I'd never seen the character (no TV), but the concept was heartening.

And, after extensive research, I see she had a point.

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