Wednesday, June 04, 2008

and, in even triter news

New York Magazine is selling the world my little city secrets:

"The El Malecon chainlet is known for its roast chicken, but we happen to also love its cafĂ© con leche served in a paper cup on a china saucer, its quick and friendly service, and its mangĂș, which handily holds its own."

I happen to love its cafe con leche served in a paper cup on a china saucer. I also love the fact that it's only $1.25. Step off, posers.

And, for the record - that scarf trend? Called it over a month ago.

And finally, reprinting an excerpt from a friend's blog, because I couldn't agree more:

"Starting your day with shopping, coffee and good friends is pretty much the best thing ever. Second only to hanging out with a friend in the gorgeous sunshine in a park, sprawled out on a blanket and people-watching (I mean, kid-watching) with, um, coffee. And then recovering from the exhausting experience with ice cream."

I miss you already, kid.


  1. :) (Yes, that is about as profound as I am going to be right now)

  2. For the record, *I* was the one who pointed out that your scarves were a trend.