Wednesday, February 01, 2012

bc: not as fun to chat about as yoga

So, a convergence of maddening breast cancer-related news in the past couple days (now that the yoga bloggers have calmed down about Ayn Rand and body wrecking).

It seems that the Komen foundation has pulled funding from Planned Parenthood, ostensibly because PP is under congressional investigation but really because—along with mammograms and breast health education for its primarily lower-income patients—the organization offers abortions. It's upsetting that the most visible BC cure organization would deprive women of life-saving screening in the service of social conservatism.

In other A1 New York Times news, a new study shows that, thanks to a lack of standardization on what "clear margins" means for lumpectomy surgeries, some women have undergone unnecessary second procedures to take more tissue. Again, disturbing. How complicated can it be to decide that a cancer-free margin means a patient doesn't need to be subjected to a second grueling day of surgery? Conversely, in what universe would blatantly unclear margins be OK and the patient sent off with remaining cancer cells?

Thank goodness my surgeon is a badass whose judgment I trust implicitly since, minus uniform standards, it's up to individual providers to make sure lumpectomies are effective and successful.  

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