Tuesday, May 17, 2011

a wash, and some wisdom

from regineabos.wordpress.com

This morning during Mysore practice, I fell on my head during titibasana b. That'd be the pose pictured above. It requires binding your hands behind your back and then looking forward and taking five steps forward and five backward. I took a step, lost my balance, and landed on my head.

"This is not my day," I grumbled.

The woman practicing behind me answered, "Today is not your day for for looking up at your butt with your hands behind your back and then walking around like that?"

A few minutes later, I stayed up in handstand for the first time. The day hasn't been so bad after all.

P.S. We had to do 30ish-second promos for one of our Salt pieces in advance of next week's opening. Here's mine. 

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