Thursday, December 04, 2008


I spent a couple hours on this fine December day lounging in summer clothes beside a pool. It's strange to hear Christmas jingles and see holiday-themed designs beneath palm trees but, other than that, I don't see why we all put up with living in the north where it's cold cold cold from November through March.

My friend, P, and I are spending four days at a resort in Kissimmee, about three miles from Disney World. So far, we spent a day outlet shopping, a day at the Magic Kingdom and a day recovering from Disney sensory overload. Tomorrow we're going on a river ride that will hopefully include manatee sighting - ! She cooks, I drive, we alternate paying and we both love to whisper snarky comments about stereotypical American tourists.

Wow, this post is even boring me, but I'm tired and have to drive more tomorrow. I'll write a brilliant take on our Disney adventure - my friend, who grew up in India, is an Indian people magnet, I swear; who nets a home-cooked Punjabi lunch on the hotel shuttle to, as "cast members" say, WDW? - soon, one hopes.

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  1. It takes longer to say "WDW" than it does to say "Walt Disney World."